CNC metal-working KOLOMÝ s.r.o.

Production of metal workpieces by using CNC 5-axis milling and turning. 

The company is focused on metal-working since its establishment. The production is done on the CNC machines of the brand MAZAK and CNC milling on the 5-axis machines MAZAK Variaxis 500-5x. The quality and accuracy control has been done on the machine Wenzel 3 D. We are also able to machine all the kinds of metals including stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.


Our machines equipment includes:

  • CNC Mazak Variaxis 500II-5X
  • CNC Mazak Variaxis 500-5X2PC
  • CNC Mazak VC Nexus 410A
  • CNC Mazak QT 250M
  • CNC Mazak QT Nexus 200M-500U
  • CNC Mazak Nexus 100II
  • CNC Mazak QT 10




Mr. Ing. Martin Korunka
Sales representative

605 507 182