About the company

The company KOLOMÝ s.r.o. is situated in the beautiful area close to the Giant Mountains. The company was established by Mr. Jiří Kolomý in 1993 and was called KOVOS in the beginning. In 2005 the company took name of its founder.

The production is done on the CNC machines of the brand MAZAK and CNC milling on the 5-axis machines MAZAK Variaxis 500-5x. The quality and accuracy control has been done on the machine Wenzel 3 D. We are also able to machine all the kinds of metals including stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

The most important priorities for us are accuracy, quality and customer satisfaction. We have been co-operating and supplying companies from EU since 2002 and we are open to new business opportunities.

We have finished the construction of our new production premises in 2013. These days we have been working on reconstruction of the old production premises.

Mr. Ing. Martin Korunka
Sales representative

605 507 182